CAFEA Smart City Limited promotes excellence in achieving sustainable human-centred smart campus solutions in the context of future smart city development with innovations and technologies to benefit different stakeholders and the community at large.


CAFEA expertise includes strategic high-level design and planning, R&D, and thought leadership for sustainable development of future smart cities through working with industry partners, research institutions, community and government.


Our R&D  work is focused on smart campuses, green technologies, smart devices under the Smart City scope:

  • Smart campus software and platform, smart devices; and green technology with IoT and AI/data analytics; 

  • R&D in smart city areas with in house R&D capabilities; 

  • Training in selected smart city topics with our strategic partners; 

  • Technical reports, research papers, survey papers and event notifications in smart city areas. 


We jointly hold training and events with our local partners for smart technologies, smart campuses, and green technologies in Smart City areas.